EK 3DZ 530 Chains





EK 3DZ 530 Chains

The EK 3D 530Z Motorcycle Chain features new chain technology that allows for longer life, better transmission efficiency and reduced friction. Not only is the EK 3D 530Z chain stronger but it is also lighter! EK created a hole on both ends of a pin to lighten the chain without weakening the plate. The edge cut inner plate reduces friction, enable the chain to be light and removes mud from the hole while dissipating heat. If you are looking for a heavy duty top of the line chain,the EK 3D line is the answer!


  • 30% better wear resistant than the previous QX-ring
  • QX2-ring
  • Can be used for street?and for Racing purposes
  • Weight reducing cutouts
  • Chromium carbide roller pins
  • Compatible displacement: 1,400cc
  • Dimple outer plate
  • Tensile strength:?11,200 lbs
  • Weight per 100 links:?4.8 lbs
  • ncludes a rivet?type master link