Maruyama MS415ECH Uniflow Direct Pump


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Cylinders – 3 Cylinder coating – ceramic Drive type – belt Approx. weight (lbs/kg) – 25.3 / 11.5 Pressure (psi max.) – 700 Suction volume (gpm/lpm) – 7.9 / 30 Maximum rpm (in/min) – 1000 Required net power (approx) – 3.5 Hp Can be PTO-driven – no Commercial warranty – 5 yrs Maruyama?s patented, unique and easy-to-understand UNIFLOW DESIGN ensures that fluid moves in only ONE direction throughout the pump, reducing pulsation and maintaining a constant pressure. For exceptional efficiency of spray and far less erosion of metal parts and easier resealing than the competition Most models are very VERSATILE for drive and suction plumbing mounting ?use either side of the pump with a simple change! (MS331, MS415, MS655, MS753A pumps only) LOW maintenance and cost of ownership