Superchips 3545-S2A2 Flashcal and Amp’d 2.0 Kit


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2018-2019 Ram Trucks – 5.7L Hemi;Improves Throttle Sensitivity; Faster Acceleration from a stop, and throughout the RPM band; Reduces that laggy pedal feeling; Quicker turbo spool-up; Optimize driving in town and on the highway; Wireless Switch for easy installation; Smartphone App for Android and Apple for easy adjustments and superior user experience; 5 Preset Levels with 3 spaces for custom pedal maps; Economy (80% of Stock), Stock (100%), Drive (150% of Stock), Sport (175% of Stock), Extreme (200% of Stock); Corrects speedometer for tire upgrades between 26” – 42”; Speedometer recalibration for gear/axle swaps; Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes; Digital Battery Voltage Display; Real-time Data Logging and monitoring; TPMS Options; Speed/Rev Limiter; Idle Up; Internet updatable to Flashpaq with performance tuning;


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