Universal Electric Wiper Kit – For Hard Coated Windshields



  • Wiper kit is powered by AFI-500 marine grade waterproof motor
  • Wiping capability of 110-degree sweep for wider windscreen cleaning capability
  • 11-1/2″ deluxe stainless steel blade
  • Deluxe adjustable stainless steel arm
  • 2-1/2″ shaft length
  • Only compatible with 1-piece (non-folding) windshields
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NOTE: For use with hard-coated polycarbonate windshields only.

Whether your ripping in the rain or tending livestock in the fields, having a UTV windshield wiper is a must. Though a hard-coated polycarbonate windshield has an outstanding visibility factor in most conditions, water pouring from the sky makes for uneasy driving from lack of visual awareness. The industry is full of these aftermarket accessories. Still, the fact is, some are better than others, like the ones you don’t have to sit there and maneuver with your hand over and over. One of those options is the Universal Electric Wiper Kit by Wexco.

This UTV wiper assembly features an AFI-500 marine-grade waterproof motor paired with an 11-1/2-inch deluxe stainless steel blade. It was made to give you optimized clarity even in the most inclement weather and terrain conditions. The SxS wiper has a movement capacity of a 110-degree sweep to clean a broader span to maximize viewing space. It’s durable, reliable, and keeps you safe and sound when your windshield is covered in muck or there’s a downpour coming down. Elevate your offroad experience by getting your universal electric wiper kit today.