Wyeth Scott ‘More Power Puller’ 2-20-SLT 2 Ton Puller w/Steel Cable 5/16″ (Hooks with Safety Latches, 20′)


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  • Dead-Lift a Massive 6000 LBS! Drag/Pull an incredible 12,000 LBS! A Portable, Indispensable Tool for farm, forestry, industry, construction & more… Pull trucks, tractors, ATVs, Move heavy equipment, Tighten fencing, Drag logs & more!
  • Solid cast components include: FRAME – Ductile iron, Ribbed for added strength. REEL (DRUM FOR CABLE – Welded steel, Double sided teeth for safety. PAWLS (DOGS) – Ductile iron, Double sided for safety, Spring loaded interlocking pawl system. YOKE – Ductile iron, Ribbed for addded strenth. HOOKS – Frame hook & end hook are forged steel, Tackle block hook is a steel investment casting. CABLE (WIRE ROPE) – Extra heavy duty flexible core wire rope, 5/16″ 6×37 (222 strand).
  • INCLUDES: Main unit with cable (wire rope), 3 hooks (Frame hook, end hook, and tackle block hook), Safety handle (18″), and Two-in-one-unit – Removable tackle block hook allows easy switching from double line to single line capacity. OPTIONAL ITEMS: Extension handle (18″ -inserts in standard safety handle), Safety latches on all 3 hook (Option SLT).
  • DIMENSIONS: 17″ length x 6″ width x 8″ height. WARRANTY All models include a two-year limited warranty. SAFETY: safety handle will bend when the rated capacity of puller is exceeded; Dual-sided reel and pawl system; 5/16″ cable size; Solid one-piece iron components made in USA; Trouble free on one notch at a time let down – up to 4 notches on a light load; Tried and true, tested design since 1934.
  • Rope mfg. by Samson Rope; ROPE LENGTH (single line): 20 feet; CAPACITY Dead Lift Rating (double line): 2 ton (4,000 lbs.); CAPACITY Pull/Drag Rating (double line) 4 ton (8,000 lbs); ROPE SIZE: 5/16″; MODEL NUMBER: 2-20-SLT; CABLE (WIRE ROPE): Cable Size 5/16″, 6×37, 222 strand, extra heavy duty flexible fiber core wire rope