Wyeth Scott 2-30 More Power Puller 2 Ton Pulling Capacity w/Steel Cable 5/16


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  • Safety handle will bend when the rated capacity of puller is exceeded.
  • Dual-sided reel and pawl system
  • Solid one-piece ductile iron components
  • Trouble free one notch at a time let down – up to 4 notches on a light load
  • Tried and true, tested design since 1934
  • The More Power Puller has been manufactured by The Wyeth-Scott Company since 1934. We are proud to state that it is the safest and most durable puller ever made. The More Power Puller is made in the USA. Our ductile iron castings are made in Pennsylvania and the bulk of our parts are from the USA. Here at Wyeth Scott we drill the raw castings, drill hooks, cut cable/rope, install cable/rope ends, install hooks on cable/rope, cut pipe,splice synthetic rope, punch handles, install grips/labels on handles, install safety latches, hand assemble pullers, paint pullers, plus much much more. There is no other puller on the market comparable to TheMorePowerPuller. The components are made of solid, thick iron and steel. This heavy-duty industrial hand ratchet puller is designed, and has been proven, to performing a variety of demanding environments without bending, breaking, or collapsing. The heavy-duty cable &/or rope is 5/16? (not??). Not constructed of lightweight aluminum, our puller is 26 pounds of pure muscle. Accept nothing but the BEST. Before purchasing from a supplier, verify that the product is ?TheMorePowerPuller ?from the Wyeth-Scott Company in the U.S. There is a substandard imitation on the market that adopted a similar name. There is only one puller we manufacture…?TheMorePowerPuller.? The design of TheMorePowerPuller hasn?t changed much in over 81 years (why change a good thing?) This puller will last for generations. We regularly service pullers that are several decades old, and often,all they need is a new cable or spring. We are confident you will find TheMorePowerPuller to be a reliable, safe and heavy duty tool that will prove to be indispensable.